Your Career with Aevum

Aevum was founded to help bridge the digital divide and transcend the unity of humankind beyond geopolitical, socioeconomic, and physical barriers.

Through our technologies and services, we enable anyone to reliably deploy advanced technologies, satellites, and spacecraft to low Earth orbit (LEO). Our goal is to democratize LEO and enable everyone to communicate freely, operate businesses worldwide, and solve global challenges, like the climate crisis, from low Earth orbit.

Our Locations
Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Aevum Headquarters is located in Rocket City USA near downtown, Redstone Arsenal, and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Aevum's Huntsville facility is the center of our company operations, contracts administration, finance, and engineering.
Denver, Colorado, USA
Aevum's Denver team is responsible for the success of Department of Defense space launch missions, research & development, and space operations.
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