Aevum Spaceports
Aevum Offices
Rocket City, USA

Aevum Headquarters is located in Rocket City USA near downtown, Redstone Arsenal, and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Aevum's Huntsville facility is the center of our company operations, contracts administration, finance, and engineering.

Denver, Colorado, USA

Aevum's Denver team is responsible for the success of Department of Defense space launch missions, research & development, and space operations.


Aevum spaceports are physical access points to Aevum's space launch network. Space payloads can be dropped off at the spaceport for space launch. Each Aevum spaceport is equipped with cleanrooms, a payload operations center, and all other facilities needed to support customer requirements on launch day.

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Home to the first commercial operations of Aevum's autonomous launch services, the Aevum team at Cecil Spaceport in Jacksonville is busy at work with orbital flight operations and regulatory compliance activities.

Spacecraft operators can gain access to mid-inclination orbits up to 2,000 km from Aevum's Jacksonville, Florida spaceport.

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